Jakarta/Bandung Trip

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It’s been far too long since I updated with anything useful. In fact the verdict’s still out if I ever done so. Anyways, I went to Indonesia last week, so here’s the obligatory cerita.

First things first. I seem to be having a problem with Blogger so I can’t upload any photos. Not to say I have that many photos to begin with (It’ll make sense later below).

As it should be known I flew there partly because my swimming hasn’t been up to par lately. According to the itinerary I was to take a KLM Royal Dutch flight.

The flight took 1½ hours of awesomeness. The KLM entertainment was great even in economy cause they had all the latest movie and music and shizz. Plus I also had Douglas Adam’s “The Restaurant at the Edge of the Universe” (the H2G2 sequel) to read.

Segway to Indonesia,

So after Immigrations, we went on our pre-arranged tour bus (or Bis Pariwisata as the locals say)

Remember the book I told you about earlier? It came in handy again because jams in Jakarta are a serious problem. This is not necessarily because there are lotsa cars but because the driver’s here are bat-shit insane.

So after the jam, we ate at this Ikan Bakar place called “Ikan Nakar Cianjur”

The food was awesome

It also gave me the appoutunity to take ultra kiasu macro-shots

So after food, we went to our Hotel for the night. Hotel Alia (Of couse)

So we checked in while I surfed the f.o.c internets they have there.

Personally I thought the hotel was rather dodgy. My assumptions were proven correct later that night when I went to reception to charge my phone/camera (they only use two pin plugs there wtf?). On my way back to the lift, this conversation happened:

Enters lift. *Doors close*

Guy : How are you?

Me : (wtf? Teruknya English) I’m fine…

Guy : Where are you from?

Me : Malaysia

Guy : (Probably thinking “thank GOD!”) Oh, Malaysia? Kenapa datang ke sini?

Me : Uhhh… melancong.

Guy : Tak mahu cari wanita? *creepy voice*

Me : (ohmygodohmygodohmygod) uhh… no. (trying to stall) blablabla… Bak-bak- bak-bakaaaak!

*elevator doors open. Run*

Next morning, post-pimp experience, we checked out. It was later I discovered that moron at reception didn’t even charge my camera properly. To complex to see when the red light on the charger stop blinking izzit? So, with limited juice, we proceeded to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Basically it’s like that Mini Malaysia in Melaka except way bigger and awesome-er.

It was so big in fact that we had to take a skylift where so we could see the whole park

After that, we went to this mosque for mid-day prayers.

A little info, it was designed by a Protestant. That’s right, a NON-MUSLIM designed it. In fact it’s just opposite a world-heritage cathedral. Folks, that’s not just Sivik-text-book toleransi, that’s called embracing others. Also it is also the biggest mosque is SEA. I aptly, I named it mosque-zilla. No pictures though but here’s a link.

Funnily enough, all the Malaysians were segregated from the Indonesian during the prayers. Why ah?

So after prayers, we went to this volcano.

It was awesome. I bought this “Kayu Batik” thingy which I thought was awesome cause the inside’s like batik. No paint one!

A reminder though, if you want to buy this, buy either the syelek-ed ones or open them as soon as you get home because they will grow mold.

After the volcano, we shopped for the remainder of the trip.

That's it I guess since can't upload photos or flail my hand like a retard to express the story in a semi entertaining way.